Football Club App

Fun side project showcasing some creative features for a Football club mobile app.


This was taken as a pitch project taken up by few football fans within the design team. Aim was to design an app which provide a new & unique and premium experience for the the football club fans along with all match & team details in a pleasant and rich visual format. Randomly it was chosen that we would do the app as if we were pitching it for Liverpool FC.


  • UX Designer (me)
  • Visual Designer
  • Football fans !


Competitive research was carried out to understand what were the current features, offers and services on the app from other different clubs. Having this info, we wanted to come up with some new features which are not available on any of the other apps.

Competitive analysis results

Feature List, IA, Navigation

Having the list of all the features, we shortlisted the ones we wanted to showcase in the app. Since there were quite handful of them, we put in some thought and setup a navigation structure as well.


Having decided with the features to be showcased, we plunged into wireframes.

Visual Designs

We finalised on the wireframes and then took them further to visual designs, the most awaited as everyone had their wish to see the app in colours. Here are a few sample screens.

Visual Designs

Device Mockup

We even wanted to see how it would render on a mobile device, so we went ahead to create a device mockup. A sample of the same is here:

App mock up on a device