Hello ! I am

Vinay Narasimhamurthy

A Bangalore based UX designer.
Driven by curiosity, an engineer turned designer.
Exposed to computers from my high school, I was always finding out new things to do using computers. It was only when I began working I got to know about the world of design and my curiosity led me from one thing to another and I finally landed into designing digital experiences.

My first job at HP, introduced me to Usability engineering and User experience. Taking immense interest in it, I pursued Masters in Information Systems from University of Sheffield. I have been since then working on designing and crafting experiences all along.

I always prefer a simple, minimal and a lean design process. Design for me is a collaborative and iterative process to arrive at a solution.

The journey of understanding the complexity of a problem driven by curiosity, slowly untying them to bring it to its simplest form and solving it is where I find my joy.